Books for Aviation Enthusiasts

Books for Aviation Enthusiasts

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Particularly for people who aren’t pilots or don’t currently have any intention to become one, these aviator books are perfect ways to immerse yourself into the lives and experiences of those who are. From aerial battlefields to game-changing historical events, these are 5 of the best aviation based novels and biographies.

Review list

1. The Wright Brothers: The Aviation Pioneers Who Changed the Worldby Ian Mackersey

The Wright Brothers: The Aviation Pioneers Who Changed the World

This biographical work tells the remarkable story of the airplane’s inventors. The eccentric duo Wilbur and Orville Wright were merely bicycle mechanics, yet changed the world when they discovered the wonders of mechanical flight. Delving into the fame, lawsuits, dramas and adventures that surrounded the Wright brothers, this biography reveals the story behind the aviation breakthrough of the century.

2. Winged Victoryby Victor Maslin Yeates

Winged Victory

As a moving semi-autobiographical novel written by an English World War I fighter pilot, it’s considered by many in the aviation community to be an authentic description of WWI aerial combat in France. Raw and powerfully realistic, it explores the horrors of aerial warfare in the Royal Flying Corps.

3. Amy Johnsonby Constance Babington Smith

Amy Johnson

She was a young Yorkshire secretary who made history with her solo flight from London, England all the way to Darwin, Australia in 1930. She beat the world record with her adventures in a second-hand, open-cockpit plane lacking in radio communication. It was an impressive feat still talked about today.

4. The Flying Life: Stories for the Aviation Soulby Lauran Paine

The Flying Life: Stories for the Aviation Soul

The author Lauran Paine Jr. is a retired military and airline pilot, and also an RV-8 builder and owner. He was also the EAA “Sport Aviation” columnist. This book is a wonderful collection of diverse aviator related stories to keep you reading for countless hours.

5. The Right Stuffby Chris Findley

The Right Stuff

This fantastic tale of adventure and heroism brings humour and character to America's manned space program. Dedicated to the American men who fought to beat the Russians into space for the first time, this book explores what it was like to partake in history-making endeavours.

Final thoughts

Borrow from the library, purchase a hardcopy or digital version, or download an audiobook - these 5 must-read books for aviators and aviation enthusiasts and professionals alike will keep you hooked from beginning to end. Whether you’re already a seasoned pilot, or a pilot in training, or just someone who’s passionate about aviation, these books are popular and well-recommended reads that won’t leave you disappointed.